There are important stories within your documents. Uwazi helps you tell them.


Uwazi is a free, open-source solution for organising, analysing and publishing your documents.

In Swahili, Uwazi means “openness.” HURIDOCS designed Uwazi to make human rights information more open and accessible to the defenders who need it.

Uwazi is a web-based platform that goes beyond just storing and tagging documents. Users work directly with the text inside these otherwise uneditable documents to add new layers of information.

What you can do with Uwazi

Organise your documents

Uwazi’s user interface gives you complete control over the structure of your documents so that you can provide your unique perspective on each collection.

Discover new insights

Uwazi can help you uncover the frequency of references and patterns within content and connections. It can help you discover new relationships between the information in your collection and the people, events and institutions that surround them.

Publish your collection

Make your document collections more accessible. Uwazi is responsive, so users can access it from any device – mobile, tablet, or desktop. Users access the documents without having to download anything. Want to share a document? Just send the link.

How Uwazi is being used

Make important, public information more accessible

Human rights defenders rely on information from many sources in order to do their work effectively – from government budgets to UN Human Rights Council member voting records to human rights case law. Uwazi empowers those who rely on this information, to organise it in whatever way is most useful for them.

See how Uwazi was implemented for:

The Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) >>
University of Pretoria Centre for Human Rights >>

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Publish and organise new document collections

When organised well, document collections can reveal important patterns of human rights violations. Uwazi helps organisations securely store, organise, analyse and publish their document collection to make the stories within it more accessible and understandable to a wider audience.

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Publish your documents with Uwazi

If it sounds like Uwazi might be a good fit for you, you can request a free Uwazi instance to test out by filling out the contact form below.

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