Take Uwazi for a test drive.

Thinking of using Uwazi to organise and publish large (or small) collections of documents, but want to try it out first? To help you learn more about the Uwazi platform and what it can do, we invite you to explore our Uwazi demo.

The data in this Uwazi demo instance will automatically reset to its default version every six hours. This is a public instance for the purpose of demonstrating the features of Uwazi. For this reason, please do not upload any sensitive documents or information.


This Uwazi demo is a live instance, based on a likely user request – to organise and understand the information in a collection of human rights reports. Anyone can log-in to this Uwazi demo and explore the tool by searching and uploading documents, adding new entities (e.g. people, places, institutions) related to the documents, and creating meaningful analysis and data visualisations.

How to get started with the demo

1. Click on the “Sign in” icon in the upper right-hand corner:

2. Log-in with the following credentials:

username: demo
password: demo