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Community-sourced recommendations on sustaining open source products

Most of the technological aspirations and objectives that we pursue in the human rights and internet freedom communities–transparency, security, openness for modification/adaptation to different contexts, etc.– are necessarily based on Free and Open-source Software (FOSS). However, launching a successful FOSS project can present significant challenges. This March at the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) in Valencia,… Read more »

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Join us at RightsCon to discuss machine learning for human rights

We’re excited to have another demo slot at RightsCon this year! We’ll be sharing our work using machine learning to help human rights advocates sift through large document collections to find the “needles in the haystack”. We believe that the application of machine learning to Uwazi-hosted document collections could help litigators find the right legal… Read more »

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Applying machine learning to detect judicial bias in the Pacific Islands

Language is a beautiful way of communication that provides us with infinite ways to express ourselves. However, understanding language requires a complex combination of grammatical, contextual as well as cultural knowledge. Once this skill is developed, we naturally comprehend the meaning of spoken and written language. This results in the ability to quickly scan through… Read more »

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Join us at IFF to discuss how to sustain open source products

We’re excited for another week of knowledge-exchange at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia (March 6-10)! We’re especially looking forward to talking to other open source developers about how we can ensure the sustainability of open source products. Most of the tech aspirations and objectives we pursue in the human rights and internet freedom communities… Read more »

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Uwazi 0.1.8 released

We have some exciting improvements to share connected to this new release of Uwazi 0.1.8. We’ve organized these updates under broad feature categories below. If your Uwazi instance is hosted by HURIDOCS, you should see the changes now. If you are hosting Uwazi yourself, you can download the updated code on Github. Contact us with… Read more »

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Uwazi 0.1.7 released

New Features   Adopted PDF.js as document renderer. Rendering PDFs in a web environment is a great challenge. Fortunately, Mozilla has addressed this topic with their awesome library PDF.js. It is way faster and less prone to errors than our previous solution. This greatly alleviates the slowness of document reading and text selection. Multi-language support…. Read more »

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Advancing Human Rights in The Gambia #NGOForum58

We joined over 200 organizations in The Gambia at the #NGOForum58 to advance democracy and human rights across Africa and demo UwaziDocs. Presented by our partners The African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHRS), the NGO Forum convenes twice a year for three days, just before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’… Read more »

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UwaziDocs at RightsCon & The NGO Forum

Collaborate with us at RightsCon in San Francisco and the NGO Forum in Banjul RDF Human Rights Documentation Will you be in San Fransisco for RightsCon? Are you interested in Responsible Data and human rights documentation? Please join us for RDF Human Rights Documentation March. Human Rights Documentation March 29 2016 Thoughtworks, 814 Mission St, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103… Read more »