Uwazi Portfolio

Since its launch, Uwazi has been used by human rights groups all over the world in a multitude of projects.

SUMMA is an online database launched by CEJIL ( Centre for Justice and International Law) to improve access to the decisions of the organs of the Inter-American Human Rights System. This is an open, interactive, online tool that holds over 1500 decisions belonging to more than 270 causes, in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.


Action on Albinism is a coordination platform for mobilizing resources and organizations committed to the implementation of the first-ever regional mechanism to proactively address eradicating discrimination and violence against persons with albinism in Sub Saharan Africa.


The Memoria y Ciudadania platform has been developed in partnership with Japiqay, an organisation that seeks to recover the citizen’s memory to fight corruption and impunity, exercising people‚Äôs right to the truth.


The Tibetan Political Prisoner Database (TPPD), developed in partnership with Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, aims to monitor and document human rights violations committed by the Chinese authorities in Tibet. The database contains verified and updated information on Tibetan political prisoners and serves as a useful resource not only for human rights campaigners and activists in their advocacy work but also for researchers, media persons, policymakers, etc., interested in learning more about the situation of Tibetan political prisoners.


Resourcing Rights is a research database on human rights and resources, composed of a body of relevant judicial documents, UN documents, articles and commentary. Its aim is to advance research on the “maximum available resources” (MAR) norm, which was established in Article 2 (1) of the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, in order to inform and support a more systematic approach for assessing this norm in practice.


Transgender Europe documents human rights violations affecting trans people with the aim of improving their situation at the local level.


The UN Forum on Minority Issues database compiles statements from the 2008-2016 session of the Forum on Minority Issues, as well as key minority rights standards, reports, and recommendations in the field of minority rights.

The Nigeria Court Digitization project aims to digitise courts proceedings in Nigeria with a view to promoting accountability and transparency in the fight against corruption.


The Atlas of Torture is a resource for States, civil society organisations, researchers and human rights defenders and the public at large to access information, learn, exchange and get involved in the fight against torture and ill-treatment.

The CYRILLA Collaborative is a global initiative that seeks to map and analyze the evolution and impacts of legal frameworks in digital environments by aggregating, organizing, and visualizing distributed legal data through open research methodologies, data models, taxonomies, and databases.